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Why do you have such a passion for supporting pastors?

John Witherspoon has said,
"The church prospers when its leaders flourish in clusters".

Jonathan Edwards has said,
"Ministers should act as fellow-helpers in their great work.

The expectations on today's pastors are daunting for any pastor and worse for the pastors of rural churches where the pastor must do it all.

God has called and positioned me to be able to come along side His men, to be a fellow-helper for pastors. To encourage their spiritual motivation; to test their theological thinking; to expand their evangelical passions; and to stimulate their forward looking leadership;
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What academic preparation have you had?

I have attended Western Seminary and received a M.A. in Specialized Ministry in December 2006. My course work included the normal areas of study including: Bible, theology, pastoral skills, spiritual formation, counseling, coaching, and preaching.
In 2009,, I began additional course work at Western Seminary to enable him to complete a Master of Divinity. The primary course work for this included functional training in both Hebrew and Greek and additional Pastoral Track offerings. I completed my course work in April of 2013 and was awarded my Master of Divinity on April 27, 2013 Back to F.A.Q. Index

How would you define your doctrinal/theological convictions?

My basic doctrinal position can be summarized with the following 5 points:
  • Pervasive Depravity - Man can do nothing to restore his standing before God. He can however do good acts and partially display the image of God even in his depravity.
  • Unmerited Election - God choses all who will be saved. However, some (like Paul) are actively sought out for salvation and ministry and others (like Lydia) just hear the message and respond.
  • Universal provision for atonement but limited efficacy - God has provided a salvation that is adequate and available to all, but only effective in the elect.
  • Universal wooing, sometimes irresistible - God woos all. For some, based on His election, He will insure that it is irresistible.
  • Persistence of the regenerate - Those who are truly saved, regenerated by the Holy Spirit, cannot lose their salvation. They may go through periods of disobedience but God will respond with discipline, which could include physical death, but their salvation is secure.
A fuller discussion of these brief thoughts and other topics can be found by reading my personal doctrinal Statement.
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Do you have any character / ministry references?

At the completion of my seminary training,I appeared before an ordination council at my home church of 25 years. They examined my call and preparation and ordained me for public ministry on October 29th, 2006.
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Do you have any pastoral or personal references?

I would be happy to provide the names of several pastors, and/or seminary professors who may be contacted to provide a personal reference. Feel free to use the Email Form to request these names and e-mail addresses.
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How do you envision being a coach to a pastor?

Coaching is a peer relationship between a coach, and the pastor being coached during which they:
  • Explore the pastor's God given mission and purposes
  • Expand the pastor's vision
  • Extend the pastor's action and impact
In this relationship, the pastor sets the agenda for each meeting, and is the "content expert". The coach facilitates dialogue with the pastor using questions, encouragement and a call to action. The pastor sets the pace, evaluates his options and decides what to do.
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What past ministry experience do you have?

My ministry experience can be expressed in what I believe are some of my spiritual gifts.
    • As I retired, I was leading a group of about 75 technical contributors, and had a staff of ten direct reports.
    • I have coordinated the 3yr-6th grade mid week activity within my church. This has included calendar, facilities, staffing, and programming. At it's peak, I had a staff of nearly 80 adult leaders working with about 250 children.
    • I have been an assistant to the local Awana missionary.
    • I was the director and camp coordinator for a JR/SR High camp of 295 campers and staff.
    • While working in the commercial field, I was responsible for teaching many different classes including staff development.
    • I have been the primary teacher at the 3-6th grade youth club
    • Since the beginning of my ministry in the spring of 2007 through 2012 I have preached, or taught in multiple churches and formats about 200 times. Specifics of past teaching and preaching engagements up to today can be reviewed in my Ministry Message Log .
      Presently scheduled ministry dates may be reviewed in my Scheduled Ministry Calendar .
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Why are you available for this type of ministry?

I retired specifically to start a ministry to pastors. My goal is to have a significant impact on a small number pastors and their churches.
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What do you charge or expect as an honorarium?

As a retirement ministry I am not developing a fee schedule for services. I am ministering to pastors and their churches and that is not based on a financial contract. If as a result of my ministry, a pastor or church is blessed and want to help me handle some of my expenses an honorarium would always be accepted but it is not necessary.
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How long have you lived in this area?

My wife and I began living in Jackson part time in July of 2004. Following graduation, we began our transition to full time residency in January of 2007.
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